First, welcome to our site !

 I like to develop algorithms

like a chef who lovingly creates recipes that become a huge hit.

So you should know you have come to the right place


Secondly, if you arrived at this site, it means that you are looking for a practicing algorithm specialist who solves algorithmic problems both for applications and providing assistance for students in solving algorithmic problems. I have a good deal of experience solving algorithm problems during my study as a student in the Open University, so the programs work, properly performing the given task, for example one of my projects was a compiler for assembly, that has been written by C in Linux.


Third, let me, show you, about what we can offer you:   
it doesn’t matter if you are a professional programmer or a beginner or a university student in Computer Science 
– if you need help in developing algorithms for your program/application,   
– if your student, and you need help for developing any algorithm, or help for  solution of any algorithm’s problem