How to buy a product on the Internet correctly?

What is the algorithm for a successful and secure purchase?

First, let’s consider several fundamental characteristics of this algorithm:

1) where to buy?

2) how to buy?

3) what to buy?

The answer is where to buy:

  1. a) Amazon
  2. b) eBay
  3. c) AliExpress
  4. d) Ozon
  5. e) Directly from a well-known manufacturer/reliable store 

I gave only this list because I have been successfully buying through these companies for a number of years. Readers are invited to add other commerce portals to this list in the comments.

Where not to buy?

In online stores unfamiliar to you.

If, nevertheless, you really liked the product, then compare the prices from other sellers selling similar goods through the commercial portals Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Ozon, etc.

  If the price of the product you are interested in in the first store is clearly underestimated in comparison with a similar product in other stores, then refrain from shopping in this store.

  Because most likely, the product is not an original product and is made by a handicraft method.

   If the price of an item does not differ from the price for a similar product in other stores, then proceed as follows:

1) Ask the seller for article/SKU code, and brand name/manufacturer’s reference, model and list of accessories, exact dimensions, and weight.

   You will need these product attributes to compare with attributes for a similar product in other stores. If the seller refused to provide you information for any attribute, do not order an item in this store.

  2) Type in Google/Yandex in the search column “Store name, reviews”.

        If there are negative customer reviews or very few/no reviews at all – do not buy from this store.

Answer how to buy:

1) You must know exactly what the brand and model the product is – you want to buy, for this, you must familiarize yourself with the operational/technical characteristics of this product and user reviews on the Internet (for this, simply type in Google / Yandex in the search column “Product name Reviews”)

2) If you buy through a commercial portal like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Ozon, etc. then go for a retailer that has a high rating for reliability and quality of service. Pay attention to how many units of the product he has already sold, if not a single unit has been sold, or if only one unit of the item appears in the column – the number of units of the product in stock, then feel free to go to the next seller.

     Pay attention to the price of the product, if it is significantly lower than the price of other sellers, this also does not linger on a specific seller, go to the next seller.

 Miracles do not happen! A discounted product is a product that most likely has defects, is a used item, or is not original (it most likely does not have an article/SKU code, and a brand name/manufacturer’s footnote).

   If you settled on a specific seller and his rating inspires confidence in you, including both the quality (according to customer reviews) and the number of sold quantity of the goods, as well as the terms/delivery times, including the total price, then if you have no additional questions to the seller, then you can complete the checkout of the item.

     It never hurts to ask the seller a question if you are interested in specific information. As a rule, a response will be received within 1-2 business days.

   If the answer to your question has not been received, do not rush to place an order with such a seller, don’t spend your time, contact another seller of the same product with a similar question.

  What things should put you off buying a product from a particular seller:

1) Over the past month,  relation the percentage of  negative reviews to positive reviews has deteriorated significantly compared to the overall rating

2) The number of goods sold can be counted on the fingers, or goods in stock 1 unit

3) The seller evades answering a specific question or does not answer at all

4) The product has no article/SKU code, without a brand name, without a description of the manufacturer’s company, no user manual, no technical descriptions, without a list of accessories, no presentation for exact dimensions, and weights.

5) There is no product photo

6) The seller did not indicate which product was in stock: new or used

What to buy online:

The answer most likely should be put in such a way – what not to buy over the Internet.

Do not buy clothes, shoes, because these items require custom fitting.


Which payment methods to use:

The most popular is Pay Pal, but if only this payment system provides a payment method from the seller, you can safely look for another store to buy goods, where there are several payment systems to choose from.

   The more payment methods the seller works with, the better for you. 

Because this indicates that this store has passed a thorough financial audit by these payment systems before they gave the go-ahead to cooperate with a particular store. Secondly, the more options for choosing a payment system, the better for you, and thirdly, there is competition between these payment systems in favor of the buyer.

From all that has been said, it should be emphasized:

1)What is desirable to buy goods through commercial portals: Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Ozon.

2)You need to buy from those sellers who have a high rating on the above commercial portals and a large volume of sales.

3)The product must belong to a well-known brand and have an article/ SKU code and a description of the product, including the seller’s sociability in terms of answering questions asked by the buyer.

4)You can also buy goods through an independent online store that has a good reputation among buyers or through a manufacturer of products that meet standards and are of correspondingly high quality.

5)It is desirable that there is a tracking number of the postal movement of the goods (if the goods are relatively expensive)

6)Avoid buying in unfamiliar online stores where the payment method is represented by only one payment method and where there are no customer reviews (if for example Google and Yandex search engines do not display customer reviews about the reliability of purchases through this store or rating is low.)

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